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We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about how a CCTV system works in Winter Park, FL.

CCTVJust about every business you go to in Winter Park, FL and the rest of the nation, has a prominent sign on the front door saying something like, “Smile, you’re on camera!” You look around, and you’ll see a complete CCTV system that is capturing footage throughout the establishment. The purpose of a CCTV system is two-fold. First it deters crime, and second, if a criminal is foolish enough to commit their intended crime anyhow, they now have footage to use in bringing the criminal to justice. Whether you have a business or simply want to have the same security at home, our team at Hart Communication Tec Inc. can install a CCTV system for you.

Theft is one of the biggest problems that a business faces, and sadly, the face of that criminal may not be just the shoplifter you don’t know, but can also be the staff member you thought you could trust. Employee theft is a huge problem, particularly in retail businesses. Having a CCTV system puts them on alert that they will get caught if they try to do anything dishonest. We can also put some inconspicuous cameras that the employees are not aware of in places that you suspect theft may be occurring. Recordings from a CCTV system can support your decision to fire an employee or even bring charges against them.

The same problem can happen at home, particularly if you have teenagers who bring home friends regularly. It is one thing to suspect that their friends are helping themselves to something in your home; it is another to confront them with evidence. The same is possible with babysitters, cleaning services and other people who have access to your home.

Let us help you keep theft from hurting your profits or making you feel ill at ease in your home by installing a CCTV system. Give us a call today, and we’ll provide you with an estimate and answer any questions you may have about how a CCTV system works.


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