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Wireless Security 101: Where Should You Put Your Security Cameras?

Wireless SecurityIf you’ve decided to let us at Hart Communication Tec Inc. install a wireless security system on your property, you may be eager to reap the benefits that come from making your home more secure. However, in order to make this happen, it’s essential that your new wireless security cameras are installed in the right spots.

  • Front Door- Although you may think that a burglar wouldn’t do something as obvious as trying to go through the front door, you’d be surprised at how often this actually happens. In many cases, intruders try the front door first because many people leave their front doors unlocked. Having a wireless security camera at this entrance point may be able to convince burglars to stop trying to get into your property altogether.
  • First-Floor Windows- If the front door is locked, many burglars try to break into homes by going through first-floor windows that don’t face the street. Due to this, you should consider having us install a camera either above an easy-access window or inside your home facing this window.
  • Back Door- The back door is a desired point of entry for many burglars because it’s usually in a more secluded spot. If you decide to install a camera in this area, however, make sure it’s high enough that an intruder wouldn’t be able to reach it and smash the lens using a rock.

Remember, when you’re putting up a wireless security system, the cameras you use don’t have to be in discreetly hidden places. Instead, they just have to be installed in areas where you’re likely to catch footage of intruders.

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