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The Types of Wall Mounts Used for Television Installation

Television InstallationThere are many benefits of today’s flat screen televisions, and one of them is the ability to mount them on the wall. This is an ideal situation in a room where a stand would get in the way or when a cleaner look is appreciated. There are various types of wall mounts used for television installation, so you can enjoy the benefits you are looking for and what will work with the television you have.

The majority of flat screen televisions have a VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) standardized mounting pattern on the back, so all you need to do is choose a wall mount that is VESA compliant. There are some models that require the use of their own VESA adapter kit in order to mount them.

The three main types of wall mounts that are used for television installation are tilting, articulating/full-motion, and slim/low-profile. You will want to be sure the one you choose can handle the weight of your television.

  • Tilting mounts work with the greater number of flat screen televisions and also with VESA compatible monitors. Although this style sticks out more than a slim profile mount, the other benefits make it more popular.
  • Articulating/full-motion mounts allow for more viewing angles. This makes them useful for large rooms where you may sit in different areas when watching television. It is also very easy to get to the cable connections at the back of the television. There are some limitations with this type, including the absolute need to have your studs be 16” to 24” apart, and you cannot mount a heavy television on drywall with metal studs.
  • Slim/low-profile mounts let you have the television very close to the wall. This is ideal when having a television stick out further would be problematic. It does make it more difficult to change cables; in fact, you may have to dismount the television to do so. If your television has cable connections facing backward, this type may not be able to be used.

If you have questions about the types of mounts for television installation or would like to schedule getting your television installed, give us a call at Hart Communication Tec Inc. We offer perfection on every project and fast turn-around times throughout the Orlando, Florida area.

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