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The Science Behind the Optimal TV Wall Mounting Height

TV Wall MountingIt might surprise you to learn that choosing the optimal TV wall mounting height can be done by more than guesswork. There is actually a science behind it that will give you best height and even the best viewing distance for comfort and best viewing experience.

There are two aspects to consider when setting up your home theater. You’ll want to consider the viewing distance and the TV wall mounting height. In order to get the best results, you will need to consider the TV size. Here are two formulas you can use to determine the best placement.

Viewing Distance — Consider this before you finalize the layout of your room, so you use the best wall and area for placement of the television. The formula is:

Viewing Distance = Television Size / 0.55

For example, if you have a 55-inch television, it would be 55/0.55, which is 100 inches.

TV Wall Mounting Height – For this calculation, you’ll need to consider your eye level height and the viewing distance. Use the following formula to determine where the midpoint of the television should be placed.

TV Wall Mounting Height = Eye Level Height + (Viewing Distance*0.22)

For example, if (when seated) your eye level height is 40 inches from the floor and the viewing distance is as the previous formula example at 100 inches, the calculation would be 40 + (100*0.22), which comes out to 62 inches.

These formulas are based on the viewing angle and average reclining angle as determined by manufacturers’ recommendations. Does this mean your experience will be horrible if room constraints or the desire for a larger television don’t permit these ideal TV wall mounting distances? Absolutely not! The closer you can get to it the better, but since everyone’s actual experience can be different – such as lying down on the couch rather than sitting up – there really isn’t a wrong answer.

You can trust our professionals at Hart Communication Tec Inc. to provide you with the best TV wall mounting possible, but we’ll always provide you with the result you desire even if that goes beyond these scientifically calculated figures. Trust us for quality work and outstanding results that are the best in the Orlando, Florida area. Don’t let the science get you bummed – we’ll give you great results, guaranteed.

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