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Office Security Cameras Improve Employee Accountability

Office Security Cameras

Managing any workplace is a challenging task. Attempting to ensure productivity is difficult when you can’t be with all your employees at the same time. Furthermore, managers face the need to protect their employees while also keeping them accountable for their actions. Often problematic employee interactions can lead to HR disputes that can easily come down to one person’s word against the other with no way of knowing who is telling the truth. Installing office security cameras can help to solve many of these problems.

When employees know that they are being monitored and recorded, their behavior changes in a number of ways. One study by Washington University showed that office security cameras reduced employee theft by 22 percent. In that same study, they found that using surveillance also improved productivity and sales. When employees knew that they were on camera, they worked a little harder and spent less time off task.

Office security cameras can also help employees feel safer in their workplace. Any persons visiting the office will be monitored from the moment they enter and keeping the cameras visible informs them that they are being watched.

In addition, employees are more likely to report incidents of harassment and abuse when they know that the incident was caught on camera. Even when there is no audio in a recording, body language and other non-verbal cues can help to determine what was going on in an employee dispute. The knowledge that they have technology on their side empowers employees to stand up to office bullies and improves job satisfaction.

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