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Avoid Cable Failure with Professional Fiber Optic Cable Installation

FIBER OPTIC CABLE INSTALLATION IN ORLANDO, FLORIDAIt is believed that half of all cable failures are a direct result of improper fiber optic cable installation.  Although they resemble tough copper wiring, fiber optic cables contain more fragile components that are easily damaged if installed incorrectly, pulled too tight, left to hang, twisted wrong, or placed against surfaces that can interfere with the cabling components.

Fiber optic cable installation has minimum requirements and guidelines that we adhere to in order to prevent interference with your networking and avoid cable damage that could cost you early cable failure and frustration. Our friendly staff is trained to ensure that the design and installation process runs smoothly. We make sure that your cables are supported properly and never left to hang freely or be pressed against edges, walls or floors. We work delicately and take great care of the sensitive cabling so that your cables are well taken care of and don’t succumb to stress, ultimately ensuring that the installation process does not leave you with future unnecessary cable failure.

At Hart Communication Tec Inc., our trained professionals know the importance of fiber optic cable installation and have the experience necessary to ensure that your cables are installed properly. We are equipped with the right tools that can get your fiber optic cable installation project done quickly.  We strive to exceed your expectations of quality work and pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time.

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